A selection of pieces from a self initiated project I did in 2011/2012. I created a face a day out of many different types of materials. Initially, my goal was 365 faces, but I only got to 110.. Whatever the number of faces ended up being, I grew a lot from this daily "creative exercise"(that term makes me cringe). It really forced me to reign in my aloofness... I actually planned and organized myself! I was motivated to structure the time everyday to sit down and do my thing; and I benefited greatly from it.

Below is selection of mixed media pieces from a self initiated face-a-day project I did in 2011/2012. My goal was to I created a face a day for a year/365 faces. 

I grew a lot from these daily "creative exercises"(that term makes me cringe).  I actually planned and organized myself, which was a miracle.  I was motivated to  structure the time everyday to sit down and do my thing. I think my art and creative thinking/problem solving benefited greatly from it. 

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